Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dance Lessons!!

That's right! Last night we started our Beginning Swing Dance lessons! It was a lot of fun! We are taking it with some very good friends of ours, Karen & John and Denise & Randy. It is a 5 week course, which is a good thing because we have a lot to learn! Now I have to make sure that R & M play lots of swing music at their wedding so we can show off our new skills!

We were told to practice the steps we learned as much as possible during the week, so Steve taught K what we learned when we got home. She caught on right away!! Now I just need to download some swing music from ITunes! I'll keep you posted on our progress!!

I have zero knitting to show you today. I've hardly been able to pick it up over the past couple of days. In lieu of knitting, I've been doing lots of cooking and baking and cleaning, as well as playing games with the kids. It's so nice having them home!! (Oh, and I've been ordering Christmas presents online! Wait until you see what I got to order for myself!! I'll show you as soon as it arrives!)

I do have a 'recipe' to share with you. I hesitate to call it a recipe, because it is so simple! Here it is: Our Favorite Chip Dip. One can of Mexican Stewed tomatoes, pureed in a blender. (Or mini food processor). One pound of Mexican Velveeta, cubed. Put the two together and microwave until melted and hot, stirring occasionally. Put in a small crock pot to keep warm and serve with chips.

Sumo has been watching us dance and thinks we could better use our energy taking him for a nice long walk or something! Sigh.

Off to see if the lefse is ready to roll out. I'm excited to have the first warm lefse of the Holiday Season. I have to say it is about my favorite holiday food. My mouth waters just thinking about it!! What is your favorite holiday food? It's always fun to hear what everyone else likes!!

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time....


Mitchypoo said...

Yum, that dip sounds good.

My favorite Thanksgiving food is the leftover gravy on top of white bread. Salt and pepper, yum!

For Christmas it's my cousins frosted cookies and our champagne and peaches that we have Christmas morning. It's a good tradition!

Karen said...

I love that Velveeta dip! Yum. My favorite holiday food is the light and flaky Krumkake cookies. I am also a sucker for fudge but I really shouldn't eat that! Every Christmas morning I make quiche and caramel rolls. The rolls that use the frozen bread dough and the pudding mix. They are awesome and so yummy!

Swing dancing...sounds like a blast to me! I could never get my hubby to do that. Maybe some day we will see you on Dancing With the Iowans!

Missy said...

lefse!!! AHHH your making me homesick!!! Love your blog by the way!!!

Robin said...

Pineapple pie. I know what you ordered for yourself. I can't wait to see it. I should get mine sometime before Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!! I am thankful for such a wonderful online friend as you and I really enjoy reading your blog.

marit said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It is a holiday we do not celebrate here, but I wish we had adopted that instead of halloween...

rohanknitter said...

The dance class sounds so fun! I really want to do that some day.

Yummmm....Lefse!! One of my fav holiday foods is one of the things I'm bringing to my mom's tomorrow - it's a fresh cranberry relish made with apples, oranges & pineapple. Another fav is cranberry bliss bars - they are like the ones at starbucks only even better.

hakucho said...

Good for you taking the dancing'll be all set for the wedding :)

Your dip recipe sounds so good..will have to try that one. Your chicken and gravy recipe has become standard fare at our house! Thanks for sharing all your recipes :)