Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back to Knitting!

Yes, I do remember that this is suppose to be a knitting blog. Sometimes I do get distracted. Sorry about that! Now that the excitement of the wedding and the cruise are behind me, I do hope to get more knitting (and spinning) in! I know many of you were wondering where all the knitting pictures are from our cruise. Well, truth be told, I did very little knitting while we were gone. A little on the plane and I took it down to the pool one day, but that is it. It is very hard to knit when one is lathered in sunscreen! But here it is. Me 'pretending' to knit on the boat. I didn't even do a stitch!!

I am working on my Monkey socks out of the Shibui Knit yarns. I think these will be for my Loopy Swap Partner.

K has been knitting away on her afghan and is making great progress! Doing it in strips will be perfect for toting around on campus. She is excited to head back to school this weekend. She is especially excited because she just found out that she has been accepted into the School of Journalism at her college. Way to go K!

I've picked out the yarn (Paton's Wool in Paprika) and bought a pattern for another purse that I have wanted to try for some time. The Lucy Bag. Has anyone made it? It really looks like a fun bag to not only make, but to carry. K has already told me she wants one!!

I also have some new roving I want to try with my spinning wheel. Sheri sent me this wonderful roving for Christmas and I can't wait to spin it into yarn. I am hoping to spend part of Saturday down at the local spinning guild with my wheel.

In the meantime, we have been busy helping R & M get settled into their new place. We spent part of Monday watching them open their wedding gifts. Took 3 1/2 hours for them to get through them all!!! What a blessing for them as they start out their married life.

R was very excited to receive a Raclette grill; something that he had experienced while living over in Europe.

They also loved the cross stitch piece that my dad had done for them. And so many other wonderful things, too numerous to mention. A bag FULL of games was another big hit! I told them we'd be up for game night anytime, and they could try out their new Raclette grill on us!!! (Or make some yummy popcorn with their new popcorn popper and seasonings!!!)

Sumo and I watched on as they opened the gifts. (M's parents were there as well. And K was also there taking pictures) Sumo is still wanting to keep a pretty close eye on us and make sure we don't go anywhere without him!!!

After a couple of hours, however, Sumo tired of watching the whole thing and decided to take a nap. Not before K did a whole photo shoot with different bows on his head. Sigh. It's tough being Sumo sometimes.....

Off to cast on my Lucy Bag. I'll keep you posted on my progress!!

Until Next Time....


SwissKnits! said...

Congratulations to K!!!! ENJOY!!!!

WOW, 3.5 Hours! And a raclette grill too!! LOL My Dh cannot stand the smell of the cheese... I just all brings back so many memories When we lived in Zurich, we rented from a couple that was going to live in Canada for a while. They left a Raclette grill for us, explaining how to use it... (as well as the espresso machine) we never managed to ever use the raclette grill... I just couldn't ever get the gist of putting melted cheese on toasted bread... now the espresso machine, I used that baby many times a day. YUM-O!!

I'd be interested in seeing the raclette creations that the newlyweds enjoy!!

I'm rambling today aren't I...

Kelly said...

awww they look so happy. The pic of R's face is priceless :)

Robin said...

Even though it was over 11 years ago I remember opening presents after our wedding. I asked Brett "Can we stop??" It seemed to take forever. Looks like they got some great stuff. Can't wait to see the spinning progress.

rohanknitter said...

I haven't ever made a lucy bag but it looks adorable! I'll bet it was fun watching the newlyweds open all their gifts! And how special that piece your dad made for them will always be.

ps. congrats to K on journalism school!

hakucho said...

I love monkey socks and the yarn you are using for yours is gorgeous. It's a great pattern and I'm already thinking about knitting another pair :)

The lucy bag looks very cool...can't wait to see more!

happy knitting :)

Alice said...

Now wait just a minute. Since I read blogs you have been on a cruise! I am totally jealous. Oh I guess you deserved it.

And they look so happy opening those gifts!