Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wedding - Take 2

Well, with the hundreds and hundreds of photos we have so far (and more to come!) I thought I would do at least one more post with some fun photos from the wedding. Here is M with her bridesmaids around her. Quite the fun group!

Here is M and her little flower girl and ring bearer. These two were just adorable!! The little ring bearer came down the aisle ringing jingle bells, but when he got to the end he reached into the flower girls basket and started throwing her feathers, which I guess he thought was funner than bells!

One of the tables set up in the foyer of the church displayed the wedding photos of us parents and all the grandparents. I thought this was a great idea!

Back to the dance. I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but R & M had a two hour dance lesson with our dance instructor who helped them with their first dance. It was beautiful! I didn't know I raised such a good dancer!!

R & M enjoy the toasts with their Bride and Groom champagne glasses. (Filled with M's favorite sparkling cider!)

Of course, what made the day especially wonderful was the fact that we were surrounded by family and friends. My 4 brothers were there with most of their families which was wonderful. (2 nieces were unable to make it) Here is my oldest brother with his wonderful girlfriend. (My dad is on the right.)

My second oldest brother was there with his beautiful wife.

Next in line is brother B and his fun wife. She was a leader out on the dance floor! She led the line of dancers around the hall during one of the songs. Lots of fun to be sure!!

My youngest brother and his wonderful wife acted as Host and Hostess for the evening and did a wonderful job. Here they are sitting with us at our table. Did I mention how yummy the food was?? (Which is good since we brought home lots of leftovers and are still enjoying it!)

One of the tables filled with nieces and nephews.
How special that they all took time to drive down and spend the day with us!

And, of course, the ones responsible for this crazy bunch.... my mom and dad!

K danced with my dad and was amazed at what a good dancer he was! He was quite a dancer in his day he told her!

Other 'family' that was there were some of my girlfriends who have been more like sisters to me over the years and we count them as family. Yes, there was a good, more formal one of the three of us, but this one was just too fun! Our friendship goes back to elementary school. In fact, the one in the middle and I met when I was just 4 years old. We were trouble then... and, well, we have fun now!!

Here are the RRR gang kids. The 3 of us from the above photo all married men with last names beginning with R. We've since referred to our families as the Triple R Gang. M sure makes a nice addition to the gang!!

This photo about sums up how Steve and I felt the whole day. Happy and Blessed.

And Sumo? Well, he missed the wedding. And he missed us. It took a few days for him to be back to himself. (Let's just say he moped a bit!!) Good thing he has such a forgiving heart!!

Well, I may have one more post with a few other highlights. (Waiting for a few more pictures to come in). Now we are busy packing for a family trip. We are going somewhere warm and relaxing, which will be wonderful!!

Until Next Time.....


monica said...

Great pictures!!!
Have a wonderful trip.
It is a balmy 5 degrees here with a wind chill of -12 I wish we would get some real snow to go along with those temps

hakucho said...

Wonderful pictures. You have a bunch of nice memories there, don't you?

Enjoy the warmth...have fun and relax :)

Robin said...

Did you say WARM???? I so want to hide in your suitcase. It is really COLD here right now. I so wish that Spring would hurry up and get here. LOL

SwissKnits! said...

Love the pictures!!
Looks like everyone had a blast!!

Yes, go someplace nice and warm... you deserve it!! Enjoy!!

rohanknitter said...

Thanks for sharing the pics!
And enjoy your trip!!!!!
We are busy packing for a warmer climate too! : )

Marianne said...

It looks like a wonderful day for all! I love M's gown, particularly the skirt and train!

Poor Sumo, looks so sad. I hope he gets to go with you to someplace warm. Please give him a hug for me. At the moment, I'm wondering where someplace warm is, since it is freezing in Florida. Must be out of the country. Anyway, have a great time!

Our high school kids went back to school yesterday, and my College Guy goes back on Monday. I'm afraid we are going to have to lend him a car, since his car is in the shop being repaired after the deer ran into it on his way home for break Dec 20. Maybe they will get it done in time!

Karen said...

Janice, it looks like the wedding was perfect! Handsome groom, beautiful bride, loving family and friends. You truly are blessed!

Have a great time away in the warmth. Relax and knit, knit, knit! Think of all us here in the snowy north!

Leslie said...

It looks as though everyone had a grand time. I loved the "framed pictures of all the brides" idea.