Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Favorite Bag!

Yes, I have a new favorite felted bag! It is the Lucy bag that I felted this weekend. I already have my stuff transferred over into it and have plans to make several more in the near future. I just love how it came out!! I definitely recommend this pattern if you are into felted bags!!

I also finished up the socks that I was making for my Loopy Swap Partner. It is the Monkey pattern knit up in Shibui knit yarn in the Earth colorway. I love the feel of this yarn, but have a slight problem. The second sock turned out slightly larger than the first sock. (I must have knit looser....) Is it ok to still send them? Is it a big deal? I think I'll wash them up tomorrow and see how they look.

I cast on another sock this weekend. It is Dream in Color Smooshy in the Visual Purple colorway. I am using the Sleepwalker Sock pattern put out by Dream in Color. It's similar looking to the Monkey pattern and a nice change of pace!!

This weekend I also went to Michael's and Fiber Wild and purchased the yarn I needed for a few more bags. The first is another Ballband Bag that I am making for a birthday gift. The base color will be purple with the Noro Big Kureyon as the bands. I joined a Ballband Bag KAL on Ravelry, so I want to get started on this sometime this week.

I also picked up some Cascade 220 to make another Lucy bag. It is a beautiful green. I think this will be for K, if she likes the color. Otherwise, I am sure I will find someone who will take it off my hands!!

Sumo had quite an eventful weekend!!! It started out Friday night when he got excited about something he saw in our back yard. We looked out and saw a shape lurking behind our large Lilac bush. When it came out into the light, we realized it was a Coyote!!!!!
Sumo was about going crazy!! After a few minutes (when we thought the coyote was long gone) we let Sumo out. When we looked out again, Sumo was in hot pursuit of the coyote and only a few feet from him!!! Yikes! Steve went out and called Sumo back. He was totally tuckered out!!!! I'm sure he'll be keeping an eye out for coyotes now for quite some time!!

Then on Saturday we loaded Sumo in the car and took him over to Galena with us for the weekend. He doesn't handle change of location very well, and was a bit stressed out. He certainly was happy to be home again tonight. Here he is with the continuation of my handspun scarf. I'm going to need to spin up more of this white wool so I can finish the scarf. It's interesting knitting with yarn that is SO unevenly spun. I have a long way to go.......

Until Next Time....


Robin said...

I really like that Lucy Bag it looks great. I don't usually knit bags but that may need to be on my list. I am glad that someone is having luck with socks I had to rip out the pair I had started.

AR said...

All of your knitting looks great! You've been pretty busy, I'd say. Your socks are awesome. I also just love the color of your new felted bag. Great work.

danielle said...

your new bag is so cool! i love the way it cinches closed... very cute.

as for the coyote, i think you should install an indoor potty for Sumo!!!

Kristin said...

I think your socks will be fine to send, they are handmade. I don't believe handmade things should be perfect!!
You bag is lovely, I love the color.

Good job Sumo, get the coyote. Protect your territory.

Marianne said...

That is pretty scary with the coyote and Sumo! I am really glad that you took him with you for the weekend, so that he was away from home for a few days. He might have been uneasy, thinking there could be more coyotes where you were, or maybe he was worried about leaving your home territory unguarded. Anyway, it gave both Sumo and the coyote a break, which will hopefully break the cycle! Is it legal to shoot coyote where you are? If so, maybe one of your guys can take care of it? Or maybe a call to your local animal control on the coyote might help? I can't imagine having one of those critters near me, but since they have been spotted once in downtown Detroit and in Chicago, I guess it is not that unexpected.

I like your knitting projects.

Alice said...

I have almost bought that Lucy bag pattern sooo many times!

Go for it Sumo, but don't get too close. Just scare the bad coyote away.

Karen said...

Your Lucy Bag came out great. My daughter has made one and has one in progress, she loves them too. Your socks are so pretty but I'm glad to see you trying a new pattern out.

SwissKnits! said...

LOVE the bag!!! Absolutely LOVE the bag!!!
I have some yarn that I need to re-purpose from Chunky Cables... it is a lovely red! It will be perfect for the bag!! I really like the button you used too! Purty!

Coyote!! cool! Is that the actual one that was in your yard? If it is it's a great picture!


KSee said...

beautiful job on the bag. Love all the colors of the yarns you have chosen for the new projects. Scary about the coyote.

Jknits said...

Very cool bag - I made one from Noro Kureyon. I agree that it's a fun pattern. Glad thing worked out with the coyote.

monica said...

Isn't that Lucy bag a great pattern?

I love that Shibui colorway, your socks look wonderful.

I am sure the coyote made Sumo and you uneasy, but that sure is a beautiful picture of it.

hakucho said...

Are you teaching Sumo to knit? ;)
Love your Lucy bag...I can see why you would want to knit more. Your monkey socks look fine to me...can't tell from here that one is bigger than the other. The colors for your ball band bag are wonderful. Very cheerful :)

happy knitting :)

P.S. Coyotes sure can be scary...hope Sumo scared him off for good!

Kathy said...

Your Lucy bag is so beautiful. I think I need to make one. Socks are lovely as well.