Sunday, May 25, 2008

Enjoying LIfe

Things have been busy around here with everyone home, but I've been enjoying every minute with the kids around. And we've been keeping pretty busy! It's very different parenting grown children... I have no responsibility for them really, and just get to enjoy the wonderful young adults that they have become. One of the many perks is that they have been very willing to help with the cooking. R & M treated us to 'Raclette' the other night. Yum!

Here is the Raclette grill.... One puts vegies, meats etc.. on top and then melts a variety of cheeses in the tray below and then puts it all over a cooked red potato. (Or at least that is what we have done!) It is a nice meal for lingering at the table and having conversation.

Thursday evening I got a call that a good friend of mine was on the way to the hospital to have baby #5. Two hours later she called to say that they had a little boy. Two hours. That's it. Life is not fair. Anyways, I don't know if I had kids when I was really really young or if my friends are just having them when they are old, but many of my friends here have very young children. Me? I'm waiting for the grandbabies!

My niece is expecting a baby in a few weeks and I got the yarn and started a sweater for her. (She knows that it is a little girl). I can see why so many people are making sweaters out of this Dream in Color Classy yarn.. it is wonderful. My gauge is a little off, so it is going to be a little bigger than I thought, but that's ok. She'll grow into it!

I've been enjoying the cool spring that we've been having and have spent a few days knitting in the sun. Sumo loves to be at my feet wherever I am, inside or out. My family may think otherwise, but I think Sumo loves me best. (And, no, it's not because I give him treats, although I'm sure that doesn't hurt....) It's because I'm always here.

We're having a fairly lazy weekend. Playing some games, going to graduation open houses, knitting and starting to think about packing up the kids as 3 of them leave the nest again this week. Gotta soak them up while I can!!

Until Next Time....


rohanknitter said...

That looks like a fun meal to enjoy with the family! Abe (our spaniel) is like Sumo, follows me from room to room - he's getting so arthritic, it would be easier for him to stay put in one place! I don't have any friends having babies anymore - I wish I did as then there'd be babies to knit for!! My 3rd son was born in about 1 1/2 hours, start to finish....but I paid my dues with the first one, lol!!

danielle said...

the dream in color yarn is beautiful-- and sumo does look like a happy dog.

you have a very cool family-- that picture of you sitting around the table together speaks more than words. the raclette sounds interesting... anything with cheese and potatoes is right up my alley!

Marianne said...

That sounds like great family time! I love your DIC sweater. And, I always love to see pictures of Sumo, the sweet guy!

I pray that you and your family were safe from the horrendous tornados that struck northeastern Iowa this weekend! I have thought about you often, and hope that you are all ok! Pls let us know ASAP! {{{Hugs}}} Marianne

monica said...

Sounds like you are all having a great start to summer vacation.

That little sweater is going to be beautiful in the DIC what a lucky baby

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Wish I was there knitting with you in the yard and being fed yummy food by all of those good cooks you have staying at your house. :-) The sweater is going to be adorable!

hakucho said...

The baby sweater is a very pretty color...and yes it's always good to make anything for a baby much bigger so they can wear it longer!!

Enjoy your time with all your kiddos :)