Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day!

Well, May has come and I am hopeful that warm weather won't be too far behind. It has just seemed a long time coming this year! I know the llamas enjoy the cooler weather, but it won't be long until the shearing will need to start so that they won't be as bothered by the heat, when it does come. I am thinking of saving a few fleeces to send away and have prepared to spin. I know that I will save Sebastian's wool for sure, and maybe one or two more.

We have been trying to take Sumo on a daily walk, which is the highlight of his day. He gets so excited when he sees his collar and leash. We usually walk as far as he wants to go. After about a half mile, he does an abrubt U-Turn and starts pulling towards home. (He seems to know his limit!) I think a mile walk is pretty good for a 12+ year old lab!

I've been trying to do a little knitting everyday on my scarf and am making progress. I'm also working on a secret project for my Loopy Ewe Swap partner (Hi Trish!). That needs to be mailed by June 15th, and if May goes as fast as April did, June 15th will be here before I know it!

Steve had Tuesday afternoon off and volunteered to cook dinner so I could curl up and knit. What a treat! And dinner was fantastic! (Steak; grean beans; new potatoes) and my favorite dessert..... Pinwheel cookies. (I know you're jealous Nae!) It obviously looks like I was quite desperate to get into the package the way it was torn open. I assure you that it is just a defect in the packaging materials......

We are having our Thursday night group over tonight for dinner, so I am spending the day cooking and getting ready. I have taken a few recipes from Sheri's blog and am making her Grandma's Spaghetti and Susan's Winter Fruit Salad.

For dessert I am making crepes. Thought I would share the recipe with you. They are easy to make and are so versatile with what you can do with them. I prefer to mix the crepe mixture the night before and make them in the morning.


4 eggs
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup water
1/4 tsp. salt
3 Tbsp oil
1 cup plus 2 Tbsp flour

3 Tbsp butter or oil (for baking)

1. Mix first six ingredients together and beat until smooth
2. Refrigerate for 2 hours (or overnight)
3. Heat crepe pan over medium heat. Butter or oil bottom.
4. Put @ 1/4 cup mixture on pan and turn pan to coat evenly.
5. Cook until edges start to curl, turn over and cook until done.
6. Stack cooked crepes until you need to use them.

Fillings: Fill crepes with tuna or chicken mixture for dinner entree; or with fruit/ pudding and whipped cream mixture for dessert.

Here is a prototype of what I will be serving tonight. I put a small amount of ice cream and some fresh strawberries in the crepe and roll up. Then I put a layer of whip cream and fresh strawberries on top and drizzle with Ghirardelli chocolate. Yum. And for those who are wondering, the prototype is no more. Somehow it vanished. Crazy.

Until Next Time....


Darth Knitter said...

Oh. my. word. Those crepes look fabulous!

Crafty Pancakes said...

I am soo making those crepes tonight! I just bought some fresh strawberries so the timing is perfect. And boy do I know how great those Pinwheel cookies are!

Mitchypoo said...

Hi Janice, your post made me nostalgic. My grandmother use to get me pinwheel cookies because they were my favorite. And there is a certain way to eat them. You eat the chocolate off the marshmallow first, and then the marshmallow and hen the cookie!

Sumo does great with a 1 mile walk. I can't even do that right now!

Your scarf is beautiful and those crepes look scrumptious...and not WW friendly!

Anonymous said...

those crepes do look fabulous!!!!!

so much for the post fling-fling

Pat said...

I'm gearing up for the post Fling "Fling" but those crepes look awesome. Now all you need is some Diet Pepsi to wash it down.

rohanknitter said...

Your crepes look so good, I can't even tell you! That will be really neat to have some llama fleeces!

Lovs2Knit said...

Yum, I'm heading to your house for dinner! :)

I love the color of the yarn you're using for your scarf. I think the swap deadline was pushed back to Jun 21 because of the late partner assignments.

monica said...

Love the yarn you are using for the scarf, Sumo seems to like it too.
The crepes look yummy. I make them for breakfast for the kids and fill them with cottage cheese and fresh fruit.

Marilynknits from Ravelry said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely Sumo with us and your wonderful knitting pictures! I appreciate you letting us take a peak at your life. :)

Robin said...

Wonder where that crepe went???? How do I get in your Thursday night group it sounds like you had a feast. The scarf looks great. Way to go Sumo.

WendyKnits said...

Would you please email me a crepe or two? I NEED them!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...



megs said...

Hi Janice,

The crepes looks yummy!

I had to to tell you I took your suggestion and made Chicken and Gravy tonight. Everyone loved it and it will now be one of our family favorites. Thanks!!!

hakucho said...

Oh, boy that dessert crepe looks phenomenal :)

Caroline said...

Mmmm! That crepe looks so good. I had an entire flat on my kitchen counter last night too, but we had strawberry shortcake, and somehow all of the strawberries and whipped cream we had left over have disappeared...kind of like your crepe.