Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day!

Well, it is Mother's Day today, so I wish all mother's a very wonderful day. Especially my own mom!! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! I think we have a quiet day planned around here. Steve said he and the kids would be cooking dinner and I could curl up and knit and not have to do a thing. Twist my arm!!!

We've been getting the kids moved back home and settled. Our son A moved back Thursday; R & M moved in on Friday and yesterday we went and picked up all of K's things. (She has finals this week and will be home Friday). It's been quite nice when we've gone to pick up the kids - they've had their stuff boxed and ready to load. Within a half hour we've been done and ready to go out for a quick bite to eat or something.

Like maybe Coldstone. Steve and K each got a creation with Cake Batter Ice Cream. Now I know that lots of people are crazy for this flavor but I find it quite disgusting. Sorry. That's just me. I skipped the ice cream and went for a Raspberry/Mango Smoothie at the House of Aromas. Yum!

Steve has been working hard in the yard, and it's been nice for him having the kids home to help.
He also gets a lot of help from his 4-wheeler which he uses for everything. It is quite the work horse, but very fun on the side.

I've been busy getting the bird feeders cleaned out and filled. Saw our first Orioles the other day and so that feed is out and has already had many visits. I just LOVE Orioles! I also enjoy the Gold Finches and have a wonderful feeder that can hold tons of finches at one time, and is often full!! Many had flown away when I went to take this picture. Usually every perch has a finch and there are some waiting on top and on a nearby feeder etc.. Let's just say I go through lots of thistle!!

I did get the black and gray Lucy bag felted the other day and am quite happy with how it turned out. I need to find a button for the front and it will be ready. Slow progress on my scarf, but hope to have some knitting time today while I smell the wonderful aromas of dinner being cooked in the kitchen and the beautiful sound of dishes being done from afar.

Steve and I continue to train for the marathon. I am starting out very slow... just ramping up and building my endurance. (If you didn't read my previous post, we are training to run the San Antonio Marathon with Team in Training.) I am sad that Sumo is too old to train with me, but he always welcomes us back after a run. (And I take him for a short walk for a cool down). There was a day he would have joined me!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!

Until Next Time....


Robin said...

Sounds like you probably had a great Mother's Day. I wish someone was here to cook dinner for me. Brett had to work. Hope it was happy.

Allison said...

Sounds wonderful. How fun to have everyone home. Will they come help in my garden? Happy Mother's day to you too.

rohanknitter said...

Sounds like a nice Mother's Day, and a quiet day was probably especially nice after getting everyone moved back in! The finches are so pretty - we get a few of those, but I don't think we've ever gotten any of those at our feeders. Love the Lucy bag!

Carrie said...

Wow, you have a lot going on! Glad the kids are home. I love your Oriole picture! And training for a marathon, that's awesome. Good luck!