Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Has it been a week?

It is hard to believe that it has been a week since my last post. And even with a whole week gone by, I am having a hard time finding much to blog about. Life is just kind of in a holding pattern until work starts and then who really wants to read about tax preparation? (Ok, I'm sure there are a few of you out there.. but you are the minority!!)

Anyways. This is what I do know. We still have snow and lots of it. It has warmed up quite a bit, so I have started taking Sumo again on our walks in the back field. He does ok as long as he stays on the beaten path. He can usually make it around 1 time and then waits for Sophie and I to finish up our walk.

I have found it helpful to have Sophie walk with a frisbee. This helps in a multitude of ways.
1. With a frisbee in her mouth she is not able to pick up and eat disgusting things.
2. With a frisbee in her mouth she is not able to nip at Sumo's back legs.
3. When needed, I can throw the frisbee far into the field and have her retrieve it, which is another way to wear her out a bit.
4. She likes it.

I've been doing some knitting on my multitude of scarves. I finished my second Noro Kureyon scarf, but sent it off in the mail before taking a picture. Here is one that I started with some Noro Silk Garden. Loving the feel of this.

I also have finally decided on the yarn to join the Clapotis knit a long that is going on right now. Yes, that's right. Everybody else is knitting one, so I must too. I hate to feel left out. I'm going to use some Socks that Rock in medium weight in the Watermelon Tourmaline colorway. I've had it in my stash for another project, but am going to retask it to this. Hope to cast on today.

Other than that, this past week we enjoyed some time with the kids. We played lots of games and found other ways to amuse ourselves. I mean, who says that fruit just needs to be eaten??

In REALLY BIG news, R & M have bought their first home! It is a very cute 2 bedroom home only about 10 minutes from us. It has a wonderful open layout with a great kitchen. Perfect for having friends (and family) over. We are all very excited for them. They'll move in the end of March. I'll post pictures hopefully in the near future.

Until Next Time....


Bonnie D. said...

I love the Clapotis! I have made two and would love to make another. Where is the knitalong?

Congrats to your son and DIL. Great time to buy a house!

rohanknitter said...

Still can't believe all that snow!! The scarf is really pretty......congrats to your kids on their new home, how exciting!!

Pajaro de Oviedo said...

It has definitely been a week since I check up quite often! Glad to hear about R and M that's so great! I like the pic of K and S so funny. I should be putting up another post before the weekend comes. So I guess that will be sometime later today.

Shelley said...

I've admired the Clapotis but haven't made it yet. Love the colours you've chosen for yours - can't wait to see it knit up!

Congrats to your son and daughter-in-law on the purchase of their first home. They must be so excited!

Jknits said...

How nice to have them so close. I also give a thumbs up to the Clapotis. I made mine last spring and it was great as a light wrap then but now I really appreciate it as a cozy scarf. With all that snow, I'm sure you can use it.