Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Forecast: Sunny and 38

Ok, so it's not Florida, but it is sunny and relatively warm considering the winter that we have been having here in Iowa. We took advantage of it today and spent some time outside. Snow was melting; birds were singing and things just seemed brighter; warmer.

One of the BIG projects of the day was for Steve to lay new wire for our underground 'invisible' dog fence that we have. After 11 years of working GREAT in the winter, the fence chose this year to get a break in it that we won't be able to fix until the ground thaws some in the Spring. Sophie had taken to wandering and not coming when we knew that we'd have to do a 'temporary' fence until the main one can be fixed. It doesn't cover as much ground as the main one, but the dogs still have over 3 acres to fun free in, so I think they are ok.

Dog Fence Wire: $150.00
Time spent laying it down: 4 hours
Not having to worry about dogs wandering: Priceless!!

My big project these past few days is to FINALLY put the finishing recipes and touches on a family 'Tried and True' cookbook that I have been working on for 8+ years. It has close to 200 recipes in it that have been given to me over the years by friends and family and sometimes complete strangers that have come to be our all time favorites. I sent it as a Word document to my family and friends and hope they enjoy it.

Sophie is a little put out by the newly laid fence and the squashing of the freedom that she had come to love. (She LOVED to run up to the road and chase cars down the drive etc.. etc...) Now the fence collar is on again and doing it's job. I keep telling her it's for her own good.... (Ok, anyone out there think she looks EXACTLY like Nikko????? It's almost eerie....)

Sumo takes it all in stride. He's not quite sure why she would want to go that far from home in the first place. Puppies!!

Here is the progress I've made on my Alpaca scarf. These are the softest, warmest scarves I have ever felt!! I think I will do 5 more rows of each color and call it good. It's been a great mindless knit to do in the car; on the plane; watching movies etc..

On a rather sad note, I show you my last remaining Bruegger's Bagel that is in my freezer.
K usually keeps me very well supplied with the BEST bagels ever, but somehow I've run out. Hmmm, must plan a trip to see her soon.

Well, typing all of the recipes for the cookbook has inspired me to try a few new recipes. Here is one I tried tonight and it is delicious!! Enjoy!

Mediterranean Style Chicken

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 cups corn flakes
1/2 ounce feta cheese
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1 tsp basil
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp lemon zest
1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Trim chicken of any visible fat.
2. Combine remaining ingredients in a blender. Blend until finely crushed.
3. Transfer mixture to a shallow dish.
4. Dip each chicken breast into the cornflake mixture and turn over to lightly coat both sides.
5. Place coated chicken in greased baking pan.
6. Bake until cooked through, 18-20 minutes. (Mine took more like 40 minutes)

Until Next Time....


Aaron said...

Wow, that chicken looks delicious! Could you make that next time I'm home? I've been making Grandma Lockwood's Chicken Hot Dish and some Christmas Egg Dish recently, both of which are extremely good. And very easy for a college kid to make! Thanks mom!

Robin said...

That scarf looks so warm and cozy. I have to get myself a scarf knitted soon. I want one but socks and lace keep saying "knit me, knit me".

Shelley said...

Glad to hear you were able to set up a temporary fence for the doggies! Now you won't have to worry about some little puppy wandering off and getting hurt.

The scarf looks great - and nice and warm too. I seem to have taken a break from my knitting (probably due to school work), though I'm going to have to start soon since I've got to work on my Ravelry Scarf exchange pal's scarf.

Caroline said...

Mmmm, the chicken looks so good. I've tried many of your recipes, and you haven't steered me wrong yet.

Jane said...

Your cookbook sounds great! Do you think you'll be able to post it on your blog sometime soon sor us "blog friends"? Hope so, as I already use several of your recipes with great success. Thanks, Jane

Jani said...

Long time reader but 1st (or 2nd?) time commentor . . . just wanted to say congrats on your cookbook - I have been working on mine for at least as long as you and now I'm re-inspired!