Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Catching Up

It is the week after Thanksgiving and the kids are back to school after a wonderful week at home. Why do those weeks seem to go by so much faster than other weeks???

Sophie was so happy to have all of the kids home and took advantage of them whenever she could, always trying to weasel into a lap. I don't think she gets it that she is a 'labrador' not a 'laprador'.....

We did lots of cooking, baking and eating. One of the first things we needed to do was to roll out some lefse. I have to say that K has become a much better roller than I!!!!

I am not sure that her mind was always on rolling lefse, however!!! Do you think she was missing someone?

A's girlfriend, CB, was here for part of the week and had her first experience eating lefse at our Thanksgiving meal. She caught on quite quickly!!

R & M were around most of the week, which was nice as well. They went out taking Christmas photos on one of the sunny days. Can you believe their one year anniversary is coming up? Wow! Has that year flown!

K also had her friend F from Thailand visit for part of break. She has really enjoyed getting to know several International students down where she goes to school.

Now on to Miss Sophie who as I said before, is growing like a weed!! It's hard to believe that I used to scoop her up with one arm to move her from place to place. Now I can barely lift her!! I guess that's what 6 scoops of dogfood a day will do!!

Her very very very favorite activity is to torture Sumo. Really. She stalks him like a cat would and then pounces!

If he doesn't give her the appropriate attention, she nips at his back legs and then zooms around him. Poor guy! He just hardly stands a chance of any peace.

She has learned to go in and out of the dog door, so even that is not an escape for Sumo! His only saving grace is that she does take some good naps throughout the day!

They were both very excited about the big snow we got Sunday. Sophie especially loves to run and dive into drifts.

And she still can pick on Sumo. So life is good.

Well, off to run some errands. A new yarn store has opened downtown and I feel it my duty to pay a visit!! (She just opened yesterday, so it's not even listed on the site yet!!)

Until Next Time.....


rohanknitter said...

I'll bet you had a great time with all your kids home. It must be great fun to watch Sumo and Sophie in the snow. Max HATES it with a passion, he will barely step in it long enough to do his business!

marit said...

Sounds like a funfilled week!
Sophie is adorable, and I think Sumo must be extraordinary patient...

JoAnn said...

Well, of course, it's your duty as a concerned citizen to make sure those yarns stores check out OK :)

Love the photo of Sumo & Sophie together in the snow. That's a keeper, for sure.

It was nice to see your kids have a good time during the holiday. I have baking coming up this weekend and I'm looking forward to it.

SwissKnits! said...

I love M's scarf... is it hand knit?
I may have to 'borrow' the idea... too cute!

I love the Sumo Sophie pictures! You are getting some great shots!

Robin said...

Sounds like you had fun this last week. I love the picture of Sophie and Sumo looking back at you. I think that is Christmas card material.

Jolynn said...

I agree with Robin! That second to last photo should be a Christmas card! ^_^

KSee said...

What great family photos. How nice to have them and their friends home for the Holiday.
New LYS hope the trip was eventful.

Jean said...

Sophie looks like a happy well adjusted puppy. I especially like the photo of her as a lap dog. A new yarn store - Yipee!!! Its good to see them opening elsewhere. In southern California they just keep closing. I hope my favorite sticks around (she is only open 3 days a week and limited hours).

Shelley said...

Sounds like you had a great time with the kids home! Wow, hard to believe your son has been married for nearly a year!

Sophie sure is getting big! Such a cute dog!

Well, must go get your recipe for those pretzels with the hershey kiss and m & m...going to make some to take into school tomorrow. It's our last day before Christmas break!