Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Open House

This past weekend we had our 'Distinctive Design' open house at my neighbors and it was a HUGE success!! And so much fun! Here is just a little glimpse into our day.

It started out in the morning with a lefse stick duo with my neighbor Alice, who was hosting the event. Would love to say that I won, but I think it was a tie!

The open house started at noon, but of course there were a few early birds that came and we let them in. From noon to one it was incredibly busy and kept my dad and R quite busy at the cashiers table!

Our neighbor Peggy had a table full of the most wonderful handmade soaps and soy candles. I could have taken the whole lot home! (I bought my fair share!!) They all make wonderful Christmas gifts!!

My mom brought down her wheat weaving and not only had it all set up, but was working on some weaving while people mingled around shopping.

She had a very nice display set up and was in the perfect corner of the house.. very close to all of the yummy treats!! (Which I visited often!!!)

M was there with her jewelry and did very well! She had a great spot right next to the cashiers table, so people got extra looking time at her things while standing in line!! As you can see, all of the workers and vendors had beautiful red scarves on that were woven by Alice.

Alice had quite the selection of hand woven scarves out, along with a few other woven items. Her scarves literally flew out the door!! I think there will be many happy recipients of her scarves Christmas morning!!

K was home for the event and rolled out lefse and provided samples for everyone that came. It also made the house smell really yummy when you walked in! I had made almost 50 packages of lefse before the open house and it all sold! It does mean that I will have to roll out more in the next few weeks!

There were other artists there as well that somehow I didn't capture on film. There were some amazing leaf castings; photographs and drawings and another jeweler. All I can say is the cashiers were kept quite busy all day and everyone did very well.

What I really wish I had a picture of was Steve outside directing parking and/or valet parking. The man stood out there for the whole 5 hours! He was quite bundled up and claimed he stayed warm enough!

We are already talking about next year, so I'm sure it will happen again. I did sell quite a few of my felted purses and already am thinking of some things I can have ready for the next time. It was such a wonderful day. And so fun to have my parents down and involved with it as well as the kids. A special thank you to our wonderful neighbor and friend Alice who did an incredible amount of work to make this happen!!!

Although I don't have a picture, I thought I would share one of the recipes that I took over and that were a huge hit!

Oreo Bon Bons

1 pkg regular Oreo Cookies
1 - 8oz Mascarpone cheese (or cream cheese) softened
1 pkg chocolate Almond Bark (I used the white chocolate ghiradelli from Sam's)

Place all cookies in a food processor and process into fine cookies crumbs. Add the softened cheese and mix well. Place in bowl and cover with plastic wrap for about 1/2 hour. Take small cookie scoop and make into balls. (I froze mine at this point to make the dipping easier) Dip in melted almond bark/chocolate and place on foil to dry. Place in airtight container in cool place.


Until Next Time....


Kris said...

I guess you learn something new everyday. I just googled lefse... had no clue;) but it sounds delicious!

A :-) said...

Oh that looks SO FUN!!! Forgive my ignorance, but what's Lefse? Must be something yummy.

marit said...

Oh, it sounds like a wonderful day- busy, but fun! It's so strange to read about your lefsemaking, and that K too is making it-it's something I've always considered to be a Norwegian tradition, in Norway-LOL! Your mother's wheat weaving is exellent too. Take care- have fun with your lefser;-)

baby face said...

Looks like you had a fun day.
It's too bad that you couldn't sell some of that stuff on the
internet. I would love to see
your mother's weaving close up.

rohanknitter said...

Oh, these poor sad people leaving comments that don't know about lefse!! ; )
Anyway, it sounds like a wonderful success and something I'd love shopping at!! Glad it went so well. (I KNOW I wouldn't be able to resist your mom's wheat)

Leigh said...

Grandpa you're my favorite!!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

You DID save me a package of lefse, right??

Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

This event sounds like so much fun. I wished I lived closer so I could shop. The Oreo Bon Bon recipe sounds great. I'll have to make them. I love Lefse. I've never had homemade, just the stuff from the grocery store. Where do you get an electric lefse griddle?

Marianne said...

I was wondering where Steve was, as I was reading along! Poor guy, outside for 5 hours; what a trooper! :-)

I love your Mom's wheat weaving! I, too, would like to see it up close. I hope she had a successful day!

All in all, it looks like wonderful holiday fun was had by all! (Ok, I will have to look up lefse, too.) And, marit, I am a quarter Norwegian, myself, lol!