Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Christmas

We spent this past weekend in Minneapolis at my brothers to celebrate Christmas with my family. I have to say I look forward to this day every year. I love my family and love having the opportunity to get together for a day and enjoy being together.

This year it was hosted by my brother Dean and his wife Robin. It was their first time hosting the day and they did a spectacular job! Thanks guys!!

They made a great team and had everything ready for us when we got there. It is an all day event starting with our traditional breakfast and ending with my brother Greg's pies at the end of the day. Lots of food and games in between. Our family is expanding every year (number wise!) so we have to change a few things up here and there, but it is always wonderful.

One thing that is a constant is the job jar where all of the jobs for the day are put on slips of paper and everyone draws to see what their responsibility for the day will be. There are some easy jobs; some loafs; and then the dreaded wash and dry dinner dishes. This year R drew dry dinner dishes and my nephew J drew wash. The only perk for drawing these is you get to sign the apron after you get the job done and have immunity for the next year.

The main lefse meal is a highlight (I can't even imagine changing that tradition!!) and this year was no exception. In fact, the lefse was rolled out fresh that morning and I don't think ever tasted so good.

One thing that is fun is the addition of little ones to the day. Dean and Robin now have two adorable grandsons and my niece was there with her baby girl, who many met for the first time. My dad enjoyed time with his great grand daughter and kept her giggling while her mom ate.

My mom also enjoyed her time with her great grand daughter. She is such a good baby!

After the day we crashed at my brother Gary's house. The kids enjoyed some Rock Band and made such beautiful music. (ha ha). Actually there were some scary sounds coming from the basement!!

Well, there is so much more I could add, but I need to get going with my day. A final shot of my brother's cat Cougar who looks exactly like the cat I had growing up. Isn't he a gorgeous Siamese?

Lots of excitement around here today as A should be landing in Des Moines in just a few minutes after his adventure in Antartica. It will be so fun to have him home and hear about his trip. Stay tuned for his guest posts.....

Until Next Time...


rohanknitter said...

Oooh, I am jealous of your lefse meal, sounds sooo yummy!!
I think I need to incorporate a job jar for next year - I had very little help when everyone was here and that would be a diplomatic solution to the problem, I think!!!(better than the alternative I ALMOST took, which was yelling that I'd just fixed an enormous breakfast for you people, now get off your duffs and do the dishes!!) bwahahahahah
Ahem. Anyway, looking forward to hearing about A's trip!

marit said...

This looks like a really fun day-even the job jar!
But I'm curious-what do you eat on/with your lefse??? Here it's served as "coffeefood",with a mix of butter and sugar spread on it.