Monday, July 07, 2008

Something About A Baby.....

* Warning - LOTS of photos... but what can I say? There was a baby!!

There is just something about a newborn baby. They are so precious! We drove up to Minneapolis yesterday to meet my niece's baby for the first time and to attend a baby shower in her honor. My mom and dad were there and got to meet their new GREAT grand daughter for the first time. My niece looks on as Great Grandma holds her for the first time. She's a good size baby, having been over 9 pounds at birth!!

Of course everyone wanted a chance to hold her and she got passed around quite a bit. (Which she really didn't care for, truth be told!!) Here is another niece holding and admiring sweet little Aleisha. These two nieces are only 3 weeks apart in age themselves and have grown up quite close. It is always fun for them to be together!

'Uncle' Bob (my nephew) feeds his new niece and looks quite natural doing so! But it wouldn't be fair if he also got to burp her! So, she gets passed on to my sister in law.....

Who gets the honor of trying to get her to burp. (Babies are just so fun!)

As for me, I got my share of holding her here and there. Put her to sleep for a few minutes and changed two diapers... one wet, and one messy. (For some reason the line wasn't quite as long for diaper changing duties!) It was great being able to hold her in person! I'm so happy for my niece and it was wonderful to see how happy and proud my brother is being a grandpa for the first time!!

Before the shower, Steve and I met my mom and dad and sister in law and niece at the cute little boutique - Suka Rama - that my brother's girlfriend owns in St. Paul. FULL of wonderful treasures from around the world. I managed to find quite a few that needed to come home with me!

We also stopped by a local coffee shop for a cup of coffee and a treat. (Thanks Dad!) I love this part of St. Paul and actually used to live just a few blocks from this area when I was in college.

I have made some progress on my first pair of socks for Summer Of Socks 08. The first sock is done and I am working on the heel of the second one. I should be finished by my next post and ready to cast on my second pair. I had thought we would be having more car time over the weekend to knit during, but a nasty virus last week laid me pretty low for several days and we had to postpone our trip to see my parents. I knit here and there, but mostly slept. I'm feeling much better now and even went for a short run this morning.

Steve is feeling better and is building up his mileage again. (Here he is cooling off after one of his runs!) Sumo is not able to go with us on our runs, but he is very willing to be by our side when we are cooling down!! What a good dog!

Hope you all had a safe and Happy 4th!!

Until Next Time.....


Karen said...

What a beautiful new addition to your family!
Your socks are very pretty; glad you're feeling better.

monica said...

Awww, she is a cutie. I see babies and it kind of makes me wish I could have just one more. Then I think about loading up half the house for a simple trip and all the sleepless nights and diapers...... I think I will just enjoy the kids at the ages they are now and look forward to grandbabies in the distant future.

Your socks are so pretty I really like your loopy legend color.

Glad to hear both you and Steve are feeling better.

Robin said...

Janice put on a harness and put Sumo in a wagon and you can pull him. It will burn more calories and it will make the 26 miles of the San Antonio marathon seem like a breeze. The socks are looking great. Cute baby too, Great Aunt.

Lovs2Knit said...

She's sooooo precious! I love babies. :)

KSee said...

She is a very beautiful baby and what a pretty name.