Thursday, July 03, 2008

TNT Thursday

It is Thursday again and time for another update on our marathon training with Team in Training. Steve and I will be running in the San Antonio Marathon in November. While we are training, we are raising awareness and funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our hope and prayer is that we can help in the race to find a cure for these diseases! We have personally been affected by them in the loss of three very special people in our lives. I have already introduced Lindsay and Barb.

Today I will introduce our friend and neighbor, David.

David was 100% Danish and so proud of his heritage!! Red and white were his colors of choice. He had a red and white hat that he wore often that his wife Alice had knit him and I remember looking out the window and seeing it bob up and down as he made his way out to his wood shop in the 'shed'. Sometimes I find myself still looking for that hat when I look out the window! David loved photography; gardening; woodworking... well, life! He was a regular blood donor, and it was the testing there that first revealed anemia. He was then diagnosed with myelo- dysplastic syndrome that over time turned into leukemia. He fought an incredible battle against the disease. This photo was taken on his birthday just a few months before he passed away. We miss David terribly!
We are thankful that our paths crossed 11 years ago.....

I would say we first met David and Alice, because of our daughter and this llama, Sebastian!! We had moved to our current home 11 years ago - a small acreage out in the country with a few neighbors on each side. It took awhile to get to know our neighbors; life with kids in school was busy. We couldn't help but notice, however, when a trailer delivered 2 llamas and an alpaca next door. Very interesting. A few weeks later, one of the llamas had a baby - who they named Sebastian. It wasn't long before K was spending every moment after school over at the barn with Sebastian. With the guidance of David and Alice, K learned about taking care of llamas; showing llamas; and loving llamas! I can still remember when David and Alice took K to her first Llama Show. She called and had taken first place!! And she was only 9 at the time.

From there, other llamas came into the picture, and other kids interested in working with the llamas and the 'Llamamigos' was born. (A name that David came up with). This is a picture of one of the many parades that they walked the llamas in. David and Alice were quite comfortable in the tye-dye outfits!!

David also LOVED being outside and working around their place. His favorite place was his garden, which was like something out of Garden Beautiful. (If there is such a thing!) When harvest time came, David would load the back of his pick up and take in vegetables by the bushel to the food bank for those in need. I honestly don't know if I have ever met two people more giving than David and Alice!! David also loved to be on his tractor. Every season brought a reason to use the tractor. Many a time he would clear not only driveways of snow, but sometimes even the roadway so Steve could make it out to work. (I tried driving his tractor once, but I won't go into that story here... it's rather painful!)

You would also find David in the kitchen making some of his favorite traditional Danish foods. We were introduced to Aebleskiver; and other Danish delights. As well as being invited to attend one of the many Danish dances that they held in their barn. David taught the kids photography - which is one of the reasons I'm sure that K has such a love of it. (Alice has taught the kids piano; weaving; and so much more!!) I have to say that part of the very thread of our lives has been woven over the years by our time spent with David and Alice! We still are close to Alice and know that we share only a fraction of the pain that she has on losing David to Leukemia. His absence is strongly felt. And it is in honor and in memory of David that we are running. Racing to find a cure. To stomp out Leukemia. Join us!!

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marit said...

What a wonderful tribute! Thanks for sharing.

KSee said...

How wonderful for you and your family to have had David in your life. I'm sure there are not too many people who have great neighbors that have taught and shared so much. Thank you for sharing.

rohanknitter said...

Wow, he sounds like a really great friend and neighbor.