Saturday, February 17, 2007


And trying to do a little knitting!! I am finding that 50+ hour work weeks seriously cuts into ones knitting time!! I was able to leave work at noon today and decided that I would spend a good part of the afternoon knitting. (Thanks to my family really pitching in this week and keeping cleaning and laundry up to date!!) I was able to finish the Ball band bag, except to knit the handle and felt it. I should be able to have it done by next weekend when we head to Galena for an overnight.

I also hope to have a bowl made for my mom from the One Skein book by next weekend. She is trying to match a green in her living room and I hope this yarn matches. The bowls from this book are a quick knit and fun to do.

Most of us celebrated Valentine's Day this past week. I say 'most of us' because my son Aaron informed me that he would be 'observing' Singleness Awareness Day instead!! (How S.A.D.!!) I reminded him there is someone out there for him! He just needs to keep his eyes open!!
Ryan planned a special night for Mallory. It was fun to watch him put his heart into making the day special for her. Part of the night was spent here at our house... painting frames that he had pictures made for.

I finally took the plunge and ordered tickets to the musical WICKED. I am so excited!! We are going to see it in Chicago over Spring break. I saw the Lion King there a few years ago and it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I have heard amazing things about Wicked as well!

The weather continues to be so cold. I keep asking Steve to remind me why we live here. I like to be warm. Plain and simple.

Sumo spends a good amount of time by the door wanting to go out. (He has short term memory loss and forgets as soon as he comes in how cold it is outside and immediately wants back out, but then goes out and gets cold and wants back in....)

Well, you get the picture!!

We need Spring!!

Until next time.....


Jknits said...

Have fun at the show.
The bag looks great.

Rohanknitter said...

The bag is coming along great! Glad you got to take some time for yourself.
Going to Chicago to see a show is something I've always wanted to do. My mom has tickets for Harry Connick Jr. in March and I am J E A L O U S!

Kristin said...

My puppy is doing the same, he sits in the bay window desperate to be out in the sun. But when I open the door he remembers the cold and backs away.
I have heard great things about Wicked, enjoy the show!!

hakucho said...

Lucky you having a family that pitches in! Your ball band bag looks great :)

Hope you have some time to sneak in some more knitting. Bet you'll be glad when April 15th arrives :)

happy knitting :)

Shelley said...

The bag is looking great! I really LOVE those colours you've used with it.

Wow...50+ hours a week to work - definately not fun! Glad you could take some time to knit. I'll be needing some by Thursday - I've got a midterm that day AND a 1500 page book review due the same day, for the same class. I'm so sick of reading about the history of Prince Edward!

Ana said...

You are going to love Wicked! My husband and I went last year for my birthday and he even liked it. My 14-year old went with her school and she did nothing but rave about it! Have fun in Chicago it is a beautiful city. I don't get there often. I live about an hour north of Chicago.

AR said...

Great bag! I just love the colors.

Have an awesome time at the show. Are you counting the days until spring break? hehe

Bonnie D. said...

I love your ballband. And how exciting that you're going to see Wicked. I think I told you that my daughter and I saw it in Chicago and it was wonderful.

Bonnie D. said...
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monica said...

The bag looks great. I love the colors you chose.

TeAntae said...

I know what you mean about work getting in the way of craft time. Harumph!


*hugs* to Aaron. Crossing fingers for next year's celebration.

So jealous about the Wicked tickets. I want full details when you see it too!

And as for the weather, it's cold, it's sorta warm, it's raining, it's sleeting. Just snow already so I can stay home and play!!!

Caroline said...

I happened across your blog while lurking on a lazy Saturday morning. You have the perfect combination: knitting and cooking....oh and dogs! What fun!

Deborah said...

that was such a sweet post!