Friday, June 20, 2008

Clean Up Continues

Well, we have made great progress cleaning up our friends' basement after the flood. Here is a picture I took this morning that is taken from the same angle as the first picture in my previous post. Most of the debris has been hauled to the curb and now the power washers are put in to play. Still a long ways to go, but we've come a long ways thanks to many volunteers who have come and been willing to get very dirty!!

A real life (and back) saver in the whole process has been our 4 wheeler that we brought over to use in the clean up process. It's going to need a good bath after all is said and done, but I think if 4 wheelers could enjoy things, it is enjoying this. (And I think would be happier full of mud and working than clean and shiney sitting in a barn unused!) But who knows?

I mentioned before that our friend is a potter and used to make a living selling his pottery at art fairs. (That was years ago, but there is still a lot of his pottery in the basement). He was best known for his animal mugs and spoon holders etc.. They gave me this pig spoon holder as my reminder of the Flood of 2008. Isn't it adorable? He is a very talented artist!

I found this little treasure in one of the shovelfuls of mud that came out of the basement. It's a Precious Moments figurine.

I took it home and have cleaned it up and am taking it back over tomorrow to put in their house. The name of it is "He Leadeth Me"... on the bottom I wrote: "Through the flood of 2008".
Seemed appropriate!

I'm off to do a little shopping. A friend sent me a picture of some new shoes that have been specifically designed for the Iowa flood waters. I'm thinking I need a pair or two.. what do you think? ;-)

Until Next Time....

P.S. No TNT update this week... but stay tuned next Thursday for the next one!


Pat said...

Those shoes are too funny. I wonder if anyone buys things like that?

Caroline said...

We're flying back to the Midwest next week. Maybe I should buy some of those shoes:)

Your friends are sure lucky to have you.

rohanknitter said...

well that is a major improvement, for sure!

the shoes are hilarious

~jane said...

I just read a ton of your posts as I haven't read for awhile. It's good to see that you are dry and safe and I'm not at all surprised you're helping in the effort for others to be that way too. The sandbagging pictures and comments reminded me of my days sandbagging the Mississippi in the 60s. The forces of water and wind are awesome and must be reckoned with. How many pairs of the "new" shoes did you buy?

hakucho said...

I'm sure you will treasure that pig spoon holder forever!!

Amazing how well that precious moments figurine withstood the flood. Except for being dirty, it did very well :)

Jknits said...

It's good to see that a sense of humor prevails in the midst of the muddy waters. You have a lucky friend. Enjoy the shopping.

KSee said...

I'm so glad to hear that you came out OK. What angels you are to help out in all the efforts to help prepare for the before and now doing the after.

AR said...

Gosh, that's bad. Hope you didn't have yarn down there! Cute shoes, Lil AR said 'are those flippers?' lol

danielle said...

ugh-- i'm just catching up on blog reading and i can't believe the amount of flood damage! you're a good friend to lend a helping hand.

your friend is a very talented potter... the spoon holder is fabulous... there's got to be a market for those on etsy.