Thursday, June 26, 2008


Time for another update on our training for the San Antonio Marathon with Team in Training.

Today I am going to show a few 'tools of the trade'! There is not a lot you need for running, but there are a few 'extras' that make things a bit easier.

The most important item bar none are your shoes. Investing in a good pair of shoes can save you many injuries down the road. We went to The Runner's Flat to buy our shoes. They have a sports motion system that videos you running on the treadmill and then they can analyze how you run in different shoe models so that you choose the shoe that is best for you. It was amazing to see the difference in how stable Steve's ankles were in different shoes, and after trying 5 or 6 pair, they helped him choose the pair that provided the most stability. Me, on the other hand, had basically no variance in pronation etc.. and they told me to basically choose whatever color I liked best! I chose purple!

The pod you see strapped onto my shoe is part of a watch system that Steve gave me for our 25th Wedding anniversary. I LOVE technical gadgets, and this one is very cool for running. The pod on my shoe is calibrated for my stride and sends the info to my watch that tells me my pace and my distance. The polar strap is worn around my chest and monitors my heart rate while I run, which is also displayed on the watch. The watch can also keep track of my lap time for each mile. It also has count down timers which I find helpful when doing some of my walk/run training. (I run 4 minutes/walk 2 minutes etc..). Not exactly necessary for running, but it sure is a fun toy.

Running attire is also important. (I mean, you gotta look good!)
Shorts and shirts that are made of light weight fabric (preferably Dri-Fit) are wonderful. And if they happen to be purple or sport the Team in Training logo, well, that much better!

And now that my long runs are exceeding an hour in length (I'll be doing 9 miles this weekend) it is important to stay hydrated along the way. That is where this water belt is very handy. It is extremely light weight and you hardly know that you are wearing it. It has 4 small water bottles that hold enough for my runs and a small pocket to throw in a granola bar. Too bad it doesn't come in purple! Oh, and the hat is necessary to hide my bed head as I usually run right when I get up and my hair can be a little unruly!

That's about it. And everything but the shoes is really optional. (Well, you should wear clothes, but they don't necessarily have to be 'running' clothes).

Training is going well. As I mentioned I am up to 9 miles which feels good. (Well, it usually feels good AFTER I run it!) Steve has had a few set backs with his back and knee, but he ran 4 miles with me this morning and did well. And we just have to make it across the finish line - and with all of the support and encouragement we are getting from friends and family, I know that we will. Knowing that we are doing it for such a great cause helps tremendously! Racing to find a cure. We can do it!!

Until Next Time....


danielle said...

ummm... is it bad that all the gadgets make me wish i could start running too?

i'm really impressed with your running abilities! i don't think i've ever done anything but drive 9 miles. you're an inspiration!

AR said...

9 miles! Cool! Those gadgets do look like fun.

Caroline said...

Nine miles! That is so great. I'm still stuck in the three and four mile doldrums. My running partner and I have added a two-mile hill portion in the middle of our run, but we just walk it.

Shelley said...

I must say I love and agree wholeheartedly with your colour choice!!

Terri said...

One of my brief trips out of lurkdom to say YOU GO, GIRL! Your training journey has been an amazing one, and you will make your team, as well as your cause, proud.

HappyTrails said...

I always enjoy your blog with all the knitting projects, recipes, and good times! But now it's even better watching your training progress for the upcoming marathon! Keep up the great work!
Also, shorts are fine to run in - but I LOVE to run like a girl - check out the running skirts at: They are fun - I like the Gym Girl version!