Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dogs VS Cats

I like cats. I really do. If I could have one,I would. But with two children who are horribly allergic to cats, getting one would probably not sit well with either of them. (They already think I spoil Sumo more than I do them!) I have decided, however, that there is a distinctive advantage to having a dog over a cat when one is a knitter. You can have dangling yarns everywhere and not have it be in any danger!!

I have started the Circle Tote and so far it is going well. I chose a darker purple and am happy with the color combination. It's a slow knit with all of the dangling yarns, but I do LOVE the look of it!! I am using one of my new Signature Needles. (Size 10). They are by far the nicest knitting needle made IMHO. (In My Humble Opinion). My goal is to have this tote finished and felted by the end of the month.

I think after I finish this tote I am going to make a Bubbles Baby Sweater. My friend Jessica made this one from the book Wee Knits 3, which I have ordered along with the yarn to make the sweater. There are MANY sweaters in this book I would love to make. I may just start making some for my someday grandbabies!! (No pressure, tho, R & M!!)

K is packed and leaves early in the morning for 7 weeks. We decided to head out to Parkersburg today as she really wanted to try and help with the cleanup after the tornados that destroyed so much of the town last week before she left. It was very sombering driving through the town. I've never seen anything like it.

This house has the bed of a semi wrapped up the front. A friend told us that there is a 50,000 ton bulldozer that is missing that the tornado did something with. I can't even wrap my mind around the power generated by that tornado.

Seeing this aftermath of the storm reminded me of the photo that hung in the home of my best friend growing up. Her family's home was completely destroyed by a tornado while they were huddled in the basement. (My friend was 4 years old at the time). I'll share a little more on
Thursday in my next TNT update. For now I hope to be able to help in small ways as these people try to rebuild their lives.

Sumo is feeling sad, I think. He sees K's suitcases sitting by the door. He knows he's being left behind...again. What he doesn't know is that there will be extra treats for him tomorrow. That should make him happy.

Until Next Time....


Anonymous said...

The baby outfit is cute. Lucky baby.
I loved your idea of joining the summer sock club. I just went online and its closed. There are already 1,100 sock knitters in it. The special contests really looked like fun. I was reading the comments and one person said last year she knit 42 socks! That is Power Knitting!

The next time you go to Minneapolis, visit Coldwater Collaborative. It's in Excelsior and very cute. Lots of charm and good service. Then you can go down the street to Ming Wok. My friend and I meet there before our knitting group.

Jknits said...

The destructive power of nature is so incredible. It's hard to comprehend how quickly things can change so dramatically.

I hope your puppy is happier today.

Kellie said...

Oh Janice, I beg to differ re cats vs dogs, lol! So far Miss Ruby has eaten 4 skeins of precious sock yarn that were unrecoverable and 2 that were, while our two pussy cats have shown absolutely no interest whatsoever in my yarn! At least my pup has good taste I suppose *sigh*.
Kellie :o)

rohanknitter said...

Abe is like Sumo, could care less about yarn, but I can't leave any yarn sitting around or max will get into it. He has made some terrible tangles for me!!

I was never really afraid of tornadoes until there was a bad one in Plainfield (about an hour north of us) years ago. Driving through that was unreal - the devestation was incredible.

Beverly said...

I have spent a couple weeks getting acquainted with your amazing family, your amazing recipes and your amazing knitting. I enjoyed hearing how knitting didn't 'take' the first two times you tried it, but wow! Once you got started, you couldn't stop.
What I enjoy most about your blog is how your heart and spirit shine through. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your life.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Those tornado photos are so unbelievable. I'm glad you're guys are able to help out in that community.

(And Cats are Cool.)

Holly said...

That picture is frightening. I live in new Hampshire and our worse weather worry is usually freezing cold.....we really are very lucky compared to other areas.

Robin said...

I know how you feel Janice. Those pictures reminded me of what Greensburg, KS looked like last summer when I drove through there. It is unbelievable what a tornado can do. I am wondering if there has been any spinning going on???????????

SwissKnits! said...

My goodness, those pictures are haunting... my prayers go out to all the people affected... how sad.

Hi Sumo-boy... pet pet....

KSee said...

too bad you are alergic but you have Sumo.
Only? I think you are doing well with the circle bag. Can't wait to see it finished.
Well, truth be told, we are in the middle of tornado watch her in DC/VA.
Further south had a tornado touch down.
This year the weather is crazier then ever.

danielle said...

the tornado damage is unimaginable and the thing about the bulldozer is just terrifying. i can't imagine where it will turn up.

i have a yarn-slurping dog. he eats it like spaghetti.

monica said...

The tornados have been horrible already this spring. The sirens sounded 5 times here yesterday but I don't think any touched down close by. There was a lot of wind damage in the neighborhood though.

Your bag is going to look so nice. Are you keeping this one??

Julie in Texas said...

MOST dogs will leave yarn alone. My mini dachs, Trixie could care less...my cairn, Muttley on the other hand... He looks for yarn, literally digging in my closet for some to carry under the bed to chew. The first time he did it, reminded me of a scene in The Ugly Dachshund. I laughed, now not so much!

Tornadoes are unbelievable in their power. I remember when I was a child a tornado went through Tulsa leveling my great-grandmother's neighborhood. When my grandfather went to check on her, the houses in front, behind and both sides of her house were totally destroyed. Her house was unscathed other than a broken window. She had slept through the whole thing.