Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

It's Sunday afternoon and there is a little lull in the action, so I thought I would do a quick update. We have 4 couples coming over for dinner tonight, so most of the day has been spent in preparation. Fortunately both Steve and K are around and do more than their share, so it leaves me with a little free time. I did get the hat done for my niece's baby and the set is ready to go. I still hope to get a hat done for my niece as well. We'll see. I have over a month until the baby shower.

Friday we took A up to Minneapolis so he could catch his flight to Colorado where he will be working for the summer. I love the Minneapolis airport. Check in is extremely easy and it is a beautiful facility. And only about 3 hours from our home. While in Minneapolis I had lunch with 2 good friends and spent some time with my brothers' family. Also squeezed in a little time to go to Amazing Threads. Of course I had to pick up a few things. The first is yarn for another Circle Tote. I know. I know. I swore I would never knit another, but I have to admit that although it's my least favorite bag to actually knit, it is my very favorite bag felted up. So I will plug away at another. Here are the colors I am thinking of so far. Dark read being the main color with black/blue and purple in different combinations for the circles. What do you think? Any other suggestions? (I'm thinking maybe a little darker purple....)

I also picked up a new Cascade yarn - Heritage - I hadn't seen before. It's a wool/nylon sock yarn and the 4 colorways they had were beautiful. I settled on this green one, but it was tough. I am thinking that it may be a scarf for a friend of mine who I would love to knit something for. But I'm undecided. I have also signed up for 'Summer of Socks' so need to be thinking sock knitting at some point!

As I mentioned, we have friends coming for dinner. Here is what is on the menu for dessert: Little chocolate shells filled with a mascapone cheese filling and fresh raspberries. We'll also be drizzling a little chocolate over the top when we serve them. Yum. I had something similar this past weekend up in Minneapolis so we are trying to duplicate it somewhat. Not really a recipe at this point, but I may write it down later.

We've been enjoying the blooming flowers that finally are in abundance! K has done a fun job using them and some fun empty beer bottles to decorate our window sills. The smells are lovely.

Sumo continues to enjoy having extra people around. He doesn't realize that it will soon come to an end as K heads East on Wednesday and it will be back to Steve and I. But he still has us at least!! (And I am the one who gives him treats.....) He is showing off the baby hat I made, but seemed quite relieved that I didn't make him wear it. He must keep his dignity you know!!

Until Next Time....


Robin said...

The sweater is so cute. I didn't realize you were so close to Minneapolis. I really like the Heritage yarn you have there. I might have to keep an eye out for some for me.

Lovs2Knit said...

Love the baby sweater and hat. The colors you picked out for your bag are great but I'm with you the purple could be a tad darker.
I've been thinking about ordering some Heritage sock yarn. I'm always up for trying new sock yarns. I'm all signed up for Summer of Socks. Hopefully I'll be ready to start when it kicks off.
Sumo always looks soooo huggable!

Carrie said...

Wow, what a great many things to comment on! Your knitted set for the baby is so cute! I love baby things.

I love Minneapolis, also. I lived there for a couple of years, and I really miss it. And the yarn you scored is beautiful! Now I feel like shopping for more yarn, myself =)

Mmmm, and your desert looks delicious. Flowers are pretty, and in beer bottles, too. Very cute. You'll have to ply Sumo with treats so he gets over missing people. Did I get everything? Oh, what's the summer of socks?

marit said...

Lovely knitting and yarn, as always!
That dessert looks sooo yummy! It's still way too early for any fresh berries here, but maybe in a month or so?

Shana said...

Beautiful flower display! Let me know when that dessert is "recipe-ready"! Looks delicious; I love mascarpone!

monica said...

You know, he does look a little relieved. He actually looks like he has a grin on his face.
The hat and sweater look fantastic.
I will have to look into that yarn, I have not seen it in person yet.

hakucho said...

The baby sweater and hat is adorable! Your niece will love it I'm sure. Great sock yarn :)
Those chocolate raspberry cheese tarts look very interesting!!

happy knitting :)