Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flood Damage

The last couple of days Steve and I have spent quite a bit of time at the home of some very dear friends who live on the river and were deeply affected by the floods. During the floods of 1993, they had gotten 3.5 feet of water in their basement, so that is what they were prepared for. But that was not to be. They got a record 8.5 feet of water in their basement!! Fortunately they had 9 foot ceilings, so their living space on the second floor was spared. Their neighbors were not so fortunate!!

Yesterday was the first day you could actually drive up to their house in a car, so we spent the afternoon and evening surveying the situation and coming up with a clean up plan. We brought over our 4-wheeler and trailers; tools; garbage cans etc.. etc.. and are ready to dig in. Today several volunteers showed up and are making great progress. To be honest, it was just hard to know where to begin - as you can see in the dazed look of this still clean volunteer!!

The water was picky in what it chose to destroy and what it left intact. This lovely evergreen was completely bowled over.

On the other hand, there were many many pots and vases that our friend had made (he's a potter) that were completely in tact and had even remained on the trays they had dried on - even though they had floated out of the house! Crazy!

Appliances; LP tanks; docks etc.. are still being located blocks and blocks away. In fact, a neighbor showed up with our friends' mailbox which they had found over 5 blocks downstream in the woods. And who knows who this belongs to?

Well, off to take a bit of a nap and make some bars and then head back. Not much knitting going on with everything else, but soon, very soon.

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Beverly said...

Your DH must be feeling better if he can help with a flood-damaged house. Hope everyone stays safe and the job is done quickly.
I've signed up to help here in Des Moines, but so far the only muscles I've flexed are in my fingers as I'm writing a check, which is important, too.
The pile of sandbags which you showed earlier this week was SO impressive. Thanks for the picture of the Cup of Joe sandwich board 'thank you'.

marit said...

When things like this happen, it's easy to feel completely lost and totally overwhelmed with the situation- thank God for good friends! Invaluable!

rohanknitter said...

I've been looking at flood pictures on the internet and it's just so sad. All those homes and farms and businesses - what a mess! I'm sure your friends really appreciate the help and the moral support.

monica said...

It is terrible. The other night we drove around and it was just so devestating. All the people with their homes in need of great repeair or rebuilding and all the companies temporarily out of business from the flooding. But it is wonderful to see a community working together in this time of need.
I will keep your friends in my prayers

Lovs2Knit said...

Helping out friends is way more important then knitting. Hopefully there isn't to much damage.

hakucho said...

Oh, my I can't even imagine how bad it must be. I'm so sorry for those who have lost so much, but your friends are truly blessed to have your help. It must mean so much to them to have not only your moral support but your physical help in this huge cleanup.

Allison said...

I'm so sorry for your friends. You are so sweet to help them with everything. Best of luck getting it all cleaned up.

Jan said...


I'm so glad you and your family are okay, and sad for your friends! But I'm sure they are really feeling blessed to have such friends as you, to help so much!