Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend Woes

Well, it is Monday and Steve is back to work after a pretty rough weekend. Let's just say that he and this walker were best friends for a few days! On Friday his back went out and he had a pretty miserable time. Our neighbor had this walker and I picked it up for Steve to try and it really helped take a little weight off his back so he could get around. He is feeling a bit better this morning and decided to try and get to work. I'm 'on call' though, in case he needs some help.

I had a few knitting 'woes' this weekend.. but nothing too major. I was cruising along on my Circle tote while we were over in Galena (where Steve's back went out) and got to this point and realized I had forgotten the rest of the pattern at home so I couldn't continue. Bummer. I had the time and motivation to make some real progress.

So I packed up that project and decided to start on the hat for my niece to match the baby sweater and hat I have made her. So I got out my yarn and size 7 needles that the pattern called for and knit away. It went quite fast and I love how it turned out. Except for that it is way too small!! (What do you mean, did I swatch??? um, no....) Anyways, I think this may be headed to my friend Allison who is collecting hats for Relay for Life. Perhaps over time I'll even be able to convince myself that I actually did it this size on purpose!!

As far as 'woes' go.. I think Steve's weekend woes were worse!

The hightlight of the weekend was driving up to Minneapolis for my niece's graduation open house. Steve and I had planned on driving up together, but he certainly wasn't up for the ride. So he stayed home and let Sumo take care of him while I headed north. I had hoped to be of some help while I was there.

One of my jobs was to rescue a turtle that had got stuck in the fence of the vegetable garden. (Not sure how he got in there!) I can't believe all of the memories that came flooding back of all the time spent at our family cabin in Minnesota while I was growing up. We used to catch turtles by the dozens and have turtle races etc.. I still remembered exactly how to pick it up so that the claws wouldn't scratch me when it tried to swim away. My friends Renae and Cheryl were helping in the kitchen and Renae is pretending to touch the turtle. But don't let her fool you. She doesn't have turtle skills like me!!

I drove off in the morning and forgot my camera, so I don't have many of the photos I wish I could have taken. It was great seeing all of my brothers and sister in laws; many nieces and nephews; my folks and even some of my aunts and uncles. My mom sent a few photos.. including this one. It is one of the many fruit bouquets that they had. My niece works at Edible Arrangements and these are some of the arrangements they create. YUM-MY!! And there was cake. I love cake. I brought some home for Steve and MOST of it made it home. That's all I'm saying.

The weather here continues to be crazy. We are having storm after storm and the rainful is nearing record amounts. Flooding is all around. Our yard is a mess after all of the storms with branches everywhere and a few big tree limbs down. With Steve's back out, it looks like it's up to me to fire up the 'ole chain saw. Should be fun. I picked up M on the way home from Minneapolis yesterday and she is going to spend the week with us as she has another interview today and other things to do in the area. And she wants to learn to knit!! So we will probably curl up in front of Ice Age (which she has never seen!) and cast on.

Until Next Time....


MsKnitSox said...

I loved your turtle story. It brought back memories from my childhood, too. My brother and I kept a turtle as a pet (his name was Lerch) for a week or so before feeling guilty about him living in a box. So, we ended up freeing him... : )

Pat said...

Poor Steve. I've had trouble with my back and it's extremely painful. I'm predicting you'll be picking him up today if an ambulance doesn't. You can't push a bad back. I've tried.

Marianne said...

I am really sorry to hear about Steve's back ordeal! I can certainly sympathize, since I still have to walk with a walker that looks just like that one, after badly fracturing my back last summer! Tell him to take it easy!

Lovs2Knit said...

Poor Steve! I feel his pain. I've thrown my back out more then once and I remember the pure pain I was in. Hopefully he doesn't have anymore troubles.

The wonderful thing about hats is there is always someone who can wear it. :~)

monica said...

I hope Steve is feeling better.

The hat looks really nice. If it is too small for your niece I am sure Allison will appreciate it.

Enjoy the week with M and I wish her luck at her interview

marit said...

Poor Steve- I hope he recovers quickly! Backpain is awful!
I can't believe you have real turtles! They're so cute! I've only seen them in the zoo...and then the kids made some in craftslessons in school.
The bag will be great- and the hat is just too cute:-)
Take care.

rohanknitter said...

Your poor husband!! I hope he's doing a little better by now! : (
Sounds like you had a great time with your family - love the turtle!